Darmian: How I Turned Pro

Manchester United defender Matteo Darmian was just 17 years old when he made his first-team debut for AC Milan. In this recent interview, the full-back spoke to us about his journey from playing youth football in Italy to becoming a professional footballer….

Matteo, football is obviously a big part of your life. Do you remember when you started playing football and did you have talent in those early years?

“I remember I started playing football when I was six in my hometown. Like every kid who starts playing I think my dream was to play at the highest level.”

Do you remember your first local team?

“Yes, they were called Carcor and I have good memories of playing for them. We were a good team and we are all still good friends. I’m still in touch with everyone. It was a good group, with good players.”

Were you the best player in that team, and where did you play?

“Yeah, probably. I started playing as a midfielder and then I moved back into defence.”